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Value Based Care, Value Based Care Solutions, Value Based Care Software

Value based care is a member-centric strategy that utilizes the practice of efficient management and exchange of patient and clinical data across the continuum of care to optimize the quality of care.

Effective use of data is essential in the move to value based care solutions and value based care software. However, there’s a lot of data to contend with, and it comes in many formats from many places – clinical and claims systems, HR and financial applications, and third-party sources.

Efficient management and exchange of patient and clinical data across the continuum of care – from arrival, admittance, and assessment, through diagnosis, treatment, and follow up – is vital to optimizing clinical decision support, and ultimately, quality of care.



Providers need capabilities beyond those provided by traditional EMRs to truly leverage their information in the transition to value-based care. They need to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and consistency using a proven, repeatable method that can easily incorporate new applications, partners, processes, and metrics. With effective information management, they can operate in a more agile fashion, rapidly responding to new opportunities and competitive threats, or shifting strategies as needs change.

Omni-HealthDataTM from Information Builders is an information management solution that does all of this by delivering a 360-degree view of the entire patient journey. With Omni-HealthData, providers can achieve a timely, trusted view of patient information across the continuum of care to support strategic business initiatives.

Interested in finding out more? View our webcast: “Accelerate Your Move to Value-Based Care".

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