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Today’s providers need more than just a historical view of their patients. They need the ability to understand the factors and characteristics that contribute to chronic conditions and related care plans, so they can uncover which patients pose the highest risk and what courses of treatment may be most effective.  This kind of forward-looking insight enables providers to increase treatment efficiency and improve outcomes by engaging in more proactive preventative care. 

Predictive analytics technologies significantly enhance all facets of healthcare, including the way research is conducted, treatment plans are formulated, and care is delivered. Providers are empowered to leverage existing data to uncover the patterns and trends that may indicate future events, conditions, or behaviors. As a result, they can determine the optimal conditions for patients with certain diseases; anticipate the onset of sepsis, diabetes, and other illnesses; and predict potential readmissions, patient safety events, medication adherence, opioid abuse, denial of claims, and more.    

But, the value of predictive analytics depends on the quality of the underlying data. Information that is outdated, incorrect, or incomplete will deliver inaccurate predictions and forecasts that negatively impact decisions related to care quality and outcomes.

Ensuring Data Fitness with Omni-HealthData

Omni-HealthData Provider Edition ensures that the data used in predictive modeling and scoring and statistical analysis is reliable and comprehensive at all times. This powerful, unified platform provides capabilities for data integration, data quality management, data mastering, and data governance. Information from any combination of sources can be collected, aggregated, cleansed, and harmonized, to create a repository of complete, timely, high-quality data to support data-driven predictions and forecasts.

Powerful, Accurate Predictive Analytics

For organizations that don’t already have a predictive analytics tool in place, Information Builders offers WebFOCUS RStat.  This robust platform for BI, data modeling, and scoring eliminates the need to purchase and maintain multiple tools, and frees analysts and other statisticians from spending countless hours extracting and querying data. At the same time, it reduces costs, simplifies maintenance, and optimizes IT resources.

WebFOCUS RStat offers the highest level of accuracy. With the R engine – a powerful and flexible open source statistical programming language – as its underlying analysis tool, WebFOCUS RStat can deliver results that are consistent, complete, and correct. Users can easily create and apply algorithms to information in EMR systems, from claims clearinghouses, and other sources to rapidly uncover patterns, trends, relationships, and correlations.