Establish and Maintain Accurate Provider Information

Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition is an information management solution that gives healthcare organizations the ability to simplify the data acquisition process, enabling faster data integration so that organizations spend less time on ETL processes and more time successfully executing business and regulatory transactions, such as claims processing, credentialing, contracting, and providing better access to care.

Increase Physician Satisfaction by Driving Back Office Data Consistency

Organizations can fill in gaps and better manage the shifting connections between physicians, their practices, and all affiliated hospitals, while reducing the overall integration burden on your IT staff.

Orb with Provider Domain

Improves Accuracy to Eliminate Downstream Impacts

This single application facilitates and streamlines the process to standardize, manage, and maintain complex provider data. This increases the ability for physician attribution in preparation for value-based care initiatives.

Implements Easily

The pre-configured, cloud-based implementation comes with standard workflows, data models, and subject-driven data onboarding that make managing a more complete view of your provider data a snap. The architecture can scale as needed to meet the changing demands of your organization.

Reports Intuitively and Rapidly

are built on top of the canonical model that comes with the product and allow you to rapidly pinpoint and visualize provider and practice information, whether inside or outside of your network

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Whether installed on-premises or in the cloud, healthcare organizations can use Omni-HealthData to achieve a timely, trusted view of provider information across the continuum of care to support the flexibility needed to navigate the changing needs of modern healthcare. To schedule a demo of Omni-HealthData or to find out more, get the fact sheet, contact us using this form or call at 800-969-INFO.