Member Information Management for Health Insurers

In the shift to value-based healthcare, Omni-HealthData enables health insurers to get a 360-degree view of every member. Payers can collect clinical data from hospitals, doctors’ offices, and community care organizations and unify it with claims and operational data from internal siloed sources, while optimizing the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of that information and making it available to stakeholders in an easy-to-consume way.

Supports Data Accuracy and Availability

Omni-HealthData unifies data from physicians’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, telemedicine, and other sources. It then cleanses and enriches it to provide a complete and accurate picture of every transaction, and creates an environment for efficient clinical data exchange and information sharing across providers and facilities.

Omni-HealthData Payer Edition

Omni-HealthData makes it easy to provide integrated, high-quality, mastered data for downstream processes that need it.   

Drives Improvements in Care Quality

Omni-HealthData helps health insurers to identify gaps in patient care across providers, and gives them advice on how to close those gaps. A comprehensive view of each member's history across multiple domains can help increase CMS Star Quality Ratings, improve the management of chronic care patients, enhance clinical practices to promote better outcomes, and support increased care coordination.

Accelerates Provider On-Boarding

With Omni-HealthData, data about new providers can be on-boarded easily in diverse forms, including CCD documents, EDI, HL7, and flat files.

Improves Information Management and Usage

Omni-HealthData facilitates proactive data governance, provides historical snapshots and traceability, and eliminates "code chaos" by enforcing a single set of codes. Additionally, it enforces standardization for all commonly-used enterprise attributes, such as gender and patient type.

Member Data Management and Business Analytics for Healthcare Insurers

Omni-HealthData, powered by Information Builders, makes business agility a reality by allowing healthcare insurers to onboard, organize, and optimize clinical, claims, and social determinants of health data for comprehensive member information management, clinical quality and performance reporting, and enterprise decision support. Build a better healthcare future with a single platform that supports risk analysis for value-based contracting, improving network performance, using SDOH at scale, and other healthcare insurer initiatives.

Find Out More

Whether installed on-premises or in the cloud, health insurers can use Omni-HealthData to optimize claims adjudication, reimbursements, provider relations, and other processes, while promoting better patient care. To schedule a demo of Omni-HealthData or to find out more, get the fact sheet or contact us using this form or by calling 800-969-INFO.