A Turnkey App to Improve Care and Outcomes

Disparate and diverse information sources make it difficult for hospitals and networks to effectively monitor critical quality and safety indicators, and track related incidents. Stakeholders need a consistent, complete view of quality metrics to drive improvements in care quality and safety.

The Quality and Patient Safety app, part of the Omni-HealthData suite, is a robust, interactive solution for improving care quality and outcomes. It allows stakeholders across the hospital network to rapidly uncover and rectify quality issues.

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Features and Capabilities

Quality and Patient Safety collects, unifies, and harmonizes data from a variety of internal and external sources, then presents it through a series of intuitive dashboards that allow stakeholders to:

  • Track incident rates by location or event type
  • Monitor more than 20 event types, including adverse drug reactions, falls, diagnoses and treatments, and medications and fluids, along with 180 specific event sub-types
  • Chart quality and safety data to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations
  • Drill-down to detailed data, including individual patient cases
  • Identify quality issues, and take action to rectify them


  • Rapidly uncover issues and understand their root causes or contributing factors
  • Obtain a holistic view of care quality by combining AHQR patient safety indicators with information from other sources
  • Create a culture of measurement and improvement by ensuring that all stakeholders are using the same consolidated, timely view of critical metrics to support quality and patient safety initiatives
  • Drive value by empowering stakeholders with better access to quality-related insights


This app is developed for clinical quality staff, infection control teams, risk management professionals, service line and department heads and nursing and physician leaders.

  • Data Sources
  • Hospital encounter data
  • Benchmark data
  • The CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network infection control database
  • Chart-abstracted data
  • Quintiles stroke measures
  • AHRQ patient safety indicators
  • STS, Vermont Oxford, and other registries

Metrics and Measures

Providers can closely monitor vital indicators in the following categories:

  • Quality Core Measures. Provides over 150 clinical measures by measure category, facility, discharge station, attending physician, surgeon, or surgeon specialty, with the ability to identify specific patient cases for further investigation
  • Quality Infections. Monitors infections related to surgical sites, devices, CDiff, and MRSA. Infection rates can also be viewed by hospital, department, procedure, surgeon, and discharge date
  • Quality Oncology. Offers measures related to cancer patients, including volumes, ALOS, readmissions, and mortality
  • Quality Outcomes. Provides outcome data, such as average length of stay, mortality, readmissions by hospital, CMS populations, payer group, APR-DGR, and trauma flag. Volumes, length of stay, and case mix index for hospitals and individual service lines can also be analyzed
  • Quality Patient Safety Indicators. Tracks patient safety indicators by hospital, surgeon specialty, surgeon, and payer group using AHRQ methodology
  • Quality Women and Children. Monitors the number of ectopic pregnancies, deliveries, hysterectomies, episiotomies, and birth-related safety indicators by time period, with the ability to drill down to individual patient cases

Find out More

Health organizations can use the Quality Patient Safety App to drive customer satisfaction and quality of services, all while promoting better consumer care. To demo this app or to get more information, contact us at 800-969-INFO or fill out this form.