A Turnkey App to Boost the Operational and Financial Performance of Practices

Disparate and diverse information sources make it difficult for physicians and practice managers to obtain a comprehensive view of critical data, to uncover inefficiencies or areas in need to attention. Better access to operational and financial practice information would ensure that problems can be rapidly identified and rectified, to drive greater levels of performance.

The Physician Practice Management app, part of the Omni-HealthData suite, is a robust, interactive solution that provides unmatched visibility into the financial and operational performance of physician practices. It allows all stakeholders to track physician practice performance across a variety of important measures.

physician practice management

Features and Capabilities

Physician Practice Management collects, unifies, and harmonizes data from a variety of internal and external sources, then presents it through a series of executive dashboards for the management team, and operational dashboards - customized to specific areas of accountability.

  • Senior executives and department managers can monitor the metrics most important to them, then drill down to specific practices and physicians to analyze exceptions

  • Practice managers can assess the performance of their practice, including individual physicians, and compare it to that of their peers

  • Service line leaders and financial managers can track the performance of specific lines of business

  • Financial and operational analysts can leverage a workbench to tailor their information views and generate data sets for further analysis

Benefits / Improvements

  • Increase physician productivity by keeping a close eye on critical performance indicators, across the entire practice or by individual physician, or by benchmarking performance against peer practices
  • Improve patient satisfaction by using key metrics for each line of business to proactively rectify potential issues that can negatively impact the patient experience
  • Enhance revenue cycles generating analyses that dig deep into the financial health of the practice to uncover waste or cost-cutting opportunities
  • Create a holistic view of practice data, so all stakeholders are using the same complete, consistent, and timely data to make decisions
  • Facilitate role-based accountability by allowing everyone to access the metrics that are directly related to their area of responsibility, with drill down to more detailed data


This app is developed for physician group leaders, service line leaders, financial managers, physician practice managers, and analysts.

Data Sources

  • Ambulatory billing systems
  • Ambulatory EMR applications
  • Cost accounting systems
  • Practice and provider-patient satisfaction surveys

Metrics and Measures

The Physician Practice Management app provides a single, centralized environment for monitoring 35 critical measures including:

  • Revenue
  • Procedure volume
  • Patient access
  • Productivity
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Billing
  • Value-based cash
  • Physician investment
  • Citizenship

Find out More

Health organizations can use the Physician Practice Management Application to rapidly identify and rectify problems caused by inefficiencies and to drive greater levels of performance. To demo this app or to get more information, contact us at 800-969-INFO or fill out this form.