A Turnkey App to Enhance Facility-Wide Performance

Hospitals, health networks, and other care providers face many challenges associated with the shift to value-based business models.  In order to effectively track and optimize performance, they must empower all stakeholders with a single, consistent, complete view of organization-wide objectives and the progress being made towards them, as well as any problems or areas that require attention.

The Hospital System Performance app, part of the Omni-HealthData suite, is a robust, interactive solution that supports strategic performance improvement goals. It allows stakeholders across the hospital network to engage in the ongoing monitoring of standardized metrics and targets.

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Features and Capabilities

Hospital System Performance collects, unifies, and harmonizes data from a variety of internal and external sources, then presents it through a series of intuitive executive, departmental, and operational dashboards, including a Network Hospital Balanced Scorecard supplemented by many cascading department and service line scorecards. These dashboards allow stakeholders to:

  • Set strategic targets for network-wide metrics, and assess progress
  • Monitor trends and examine correlations, to uncover areas for improvement
  • Drill down to more detailed performance-related data, to identify the underlying causes of issues
  • Enhance performance in areas directly tied to the network's most important goals
  • Leverage data to support a wide array of performance improvement initiatives - STARS, inpatient value-based purchasing (VBP), hospital readmission reduction programs (HRRP), hospital acquired condition (HAC) reduction programs, and more


  • Facilitate hospital-wide enhancements by allowing stakeholders to closely monitor KPIs, review supporting data, and measure achievement towards goals
  • Achieve a holistic view of performance through consolidated, timely data that is delivered through a single, central point of access
  • Promote broad-reaching performance management by going beyond basic clinical and financial analysis to provide insights that support a wide array of improvement initiatives
  • Drive value by empowering stakeholders with better access to performance-related data


This app is developed for executives, directors, quality resource staff, operations personnel, physician leaders, service line administrators, and performance improvement teams.

Data Sources

  • Hospital encounter data
  • Physician group encounter data
  • HCAHPS survey responses
  • HR data
  • Financial data
  • Quality benchmark data

Metrics and Measures

Measures are designed to enable the close and ongoing tracking of performance related to service, quality, people, finance, and growth.

  • Communication with nurses
  • Response of hospital staff
  • Communication with doctors
  • Hospital environment
  • Pain management
  • Communication about medicines
  • Discharge information
  • Transition of care
  • Satisfaction rank
  • Line of service index
  • Mortality index
  • Readmit index
  • SSI rate
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Employee sick time (% of hours)
  • Operating margin
  • Income from operations
  • FTEs per adjusted occupied bed
  • Admissions
  • OP registrations
  • ED visits

Find out More

Health organizations can use the Hospital System Performance Application to continuously monitor performance against strategic goals and identify areas of opportunity to drive performance and improvement initiatives. To demo this app or to get more information, contact us at 800-969-INFO or fill out this form.