A Turnkey App to Enhance the Patient Journey and Improve Satisfaction

Hospitals, health networks, and other care providers face many challenges associated with the shift to value-based business models.  At the same time, they must find ways to drive quality improvements, increase cost-efficiency, and enhance patient care.

The Hospital Patient Experience application, part of the Omni-HealthData suite, is a robust, interactive solution that supports patient experience initiatives by enabling deep analysis of the many patient touch points across care teams.  It creates a single point of access for complete, accurate, and timely patient experience data beyond that collected by surveys.

Hospital Patient Experience, Patient Experiences at Hospital

Features and Capabilities

Hospital Patient Experience collects, unifies, and harmonizes data from diverse sources, and presents it through a series of intuitive dashboards that allow stakeholders to:

  • Operationalize insights that are culled from visuals
  • Obtain views of the entire patient journey - from admission through discharge
  • Closely monitor patterns, trends, correlations, and dependency relationships by unit, department, or service line
  • Drill down to detailed data, such as individual surveys, when needed
  • Disseminate provider- or department-level feedback to areas not addressed by patient survey results
  • Enable a plan-do-study-act (PDSA) performance improvement model


Identify critical patterns in information typically not represented within survey results, such as patient satisfaction scores for physicians and departments

  • Provide broader survey-based feedback using survey lookups, based on MRNs or survey IDs
  • Obtain more valuable insights through increased access to data from across the patient journey
  • Enhance patient experiences by leveraging insights to streamline processes and promote better care
  • Gain deeper survey context by linking them to EMR and billing data
  • Increase marketing effectiveness with accurate and up-to-date statistics such as patient satisfaction scores


This app is developed for executives, physician leaders, operations staff, and patient experience teams.

Data Sources

  • HCAHPS survey response data
  • Encounter-level hospital data
  • Optional sources, such as clinical and administrative systems needed to drive physician attribution models, service line assignments, and other groupings

Metrics and Measures

Measures are designed to provide a better understanding of how patients perceive their hospital stays.  That insight can help to continuously improve the patient journey.

  • Communication with nurses
  • Response of hospital staff
  • Communication with doctors
  • Hospital environment
  • Pain management
  • Communication about medicines
  • Discharge information
  • Transition of care

Find out More

Health organizations can use the Hospital Patient Experience Application to drive customer satisfaction and quality of services, all while promoting better customer care. To demo this app or to get more information, contact us at 800-969-INFO or fill out this form.