Omni-HealthData from Information Builders is a complete information management solution that gives providers and payers a 360-degree view of members, patients, workforce, facilities, community care organizations and other critical domains. 

Omni-HealthData is an application that gives a single, high-quality view of your patients, physicians, facilities, and more -- and does it in a fraction of the time similar projects require. Out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics use this data to serve a range of critical informational needs across your entire organization.  

Instead of learning complex tools and worrying about data preparation, users can serve themselves and quickly get answers and insights from relevant data, right when they need it. It’s easy for non-technical, mainstream users to get and analyze information on both web browsers and mobile devices. 

Omni-HealthData is NOT an EMR

Omni-HealthData integrates data from physicians’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and telemedicine sources, among many others, across a wide range of systems, including electronic medical record (EMR) applications. This product is not designed to model everything EMR systems can contain. On the other hand, it consumes data from sources beyond the EMR, such as financial information, human resources data, externally-fed data such as U.S. Census and Death Index details, etc.


  • Facilitates broad-reaching data governance
  • Cleanses and enriches data to provide a complete, accurate picture of transactions
  • Ensures effective information distribution to meet proprietary departmental requirements, as well as enterprise needs for health information
  • Creates an environment for sharing timely information between payers and providers
  • Provides a consistent, complete view of enterprise health information

Why Omni-HealthData

Accelerates Time-to-Value with Pre-Built Business Domains

Omni-HealthData manages mastered subjects and transactional subjects organized into business domains. Each business domain may contain one or more subjects. Transactional subjects belong to the clinical, financial, and provider accessibility domains. These capture fact data regarding the delivery of care, the revenue cycle, costs of services, and the demand for – and availability of – providers. Depending on your need, the domains containing mastered subjects include member, patient, provider, payer, workforce, facility, and organization. These become dimensions to the transactional domains for analytics. Omni-HealthData provides an accurate, integrated view of each domain, enabling a 360-degree view of mastered subjects, their derivation from source records, and their history over time.

Provides Historical Snapshots and Traceability

Historical snapshots of inbound data (“instance records”) and the golden records that result from the mastered subjects are offered. This complete audit trail allows users to analyze what a golden record or an instance record may have looked like at any moment in time.

Improves Service-to-Software Ratio

Omni-HealthData eliminates the need to create data mastering applications from scratch. Any needed customizations can be implemented quickly, with a lower software-to-service ratio than typical business application implementations.

Enables Proactive Data Stewardship

To manage situations in which data rules need to be verified or executed by people, Omni-HealthData provides alerting and a Remediation Portal to enable data stewards to investigate and react quickly and appropriately.

Improves Patient Outcomes

With a complete view of every member, patient, provider, and so on, health care organizations can get a more holistic view of patients and members. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ), nearly one-third of Americans have two or more chronic conditions, and individuals with chronic diseases drive more than 75 percent of healthcare costs. Organizations can track the entire member/patient journey for people with chronic conditions, simultaneously optimizing outcomes and financials.

Supports Coordination of Care

Omni-HealthData unifies business and clinical information across care settings and teams. This provides the most comprehensive picture of the member/patient journey. Omni-HealthData helps health care organizations to identify gaps in patient care across providers, and to give providers advice on how to close those gaps. It promotes coordination of care activities among all providers by delivering a single version of the truth about shared members/patients.

Facilitates Clinical Data Exchange

Timely, accurate, and complete clinical and member/patient information can be openly shared between payers and providers. This provides a comprehensive view of patient histories, regardless of where care took place, improving transparency and collaboration to improve outcomes and lower costs.

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