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Health information management is the practice of data management in healthcare organizations and related businesses. In conjunction with effective BI and analytics, health information management is essential when moving to value-based and patient-centered care. It works best if companies have a plan and supporting solutions that promote this practice soundly.

Managing your healthcare data on a unified platform is a strong way to start – it supports integration, data quality and mastering activities. Healthcare information is collected and aggregated from various sources, (EMR, financial, external, et al.) after which you must ensure its accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

Once a correct view of members and providers has been completed there are many amazing things that can be done. For example, you can create incentive programs that motivate lifestyle changes and lead to overall well-being. In addition, members can get direct access to their data so they can see how their choices affect their health. And chances are that you will greatly increase the productivity of informatics professionals and will provide the insight needed to promote better patient care and improve outcomes.

Ultimately, enhancing care and outcomes will boost customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve profitability. In the long run, health information management provides the basis for a chance to improve the trust and confidence of those who rely on your business.

Omni-HealthData allows for this enhanced data management experience and customer satisfaction. It provides a single version of the truth across the spectrum of care, and creates faster and better targeted member outreach campaigns.

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