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Care Management Software

Care management involves enhancing quality while containing costs by proactively planning and coordinating treatments for populations with common conditions, illnesses, and diseases.

Care management software is used to streamline the approach to the way patients are diagnosed and treated in order to optimize outcomes while controlling risk.

EMR data, while valuable, cannot uncover the patterns, trends, and relationships that are needed for effective care management. Providers need fast access to the highest quality patient data – complete, accurate, and up-to-date. This important information gives them the ability to monitor patient histories, which include comprehensive claims data that supplies valuable insight into the entire care continuum.

Information Builders’ Omni-HealthData Provider Edition delivers the integration, data quality, data mastering, and data governance capabilities in a single, unified environment. Providers can successfully facilitate data-driven care management by ensuring that all stakeholders have the timely, complete, valid information they need to make sure that their plans provide optimal results.

The Care Insights Application, part of the Omni-HealthData product suite, allows clinically integrated networks to manage the quality and cost effectiveness of the care they deliver and manage to desired clinical and financial outcomes.

View our Care Insights video to see what this powerful application can do.

Care Insights supports the analysis of populations, care management clinical and financial outcomes, provider performance, payer contract performance, quality, and cost on a rolling 12-month view. It empowers providers to proactively identify and prioritize opportunities to improve patient care and revenue by offering:

  • Benchmark quality, utilization, and cost performance
  • Risk-stratify patients on a variety of dimensions
  • Measure performance for episodes of care
  • Apply predictive models to proactively identify opportunities for cost reduction and/or quality improvements

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