The Importance of Provider Mastering

While many healthcare systems have implemented Enterprise Master Patient Indexes (EMPIs) for patients, few have embarked upon the daunting challenge of mastering providers. But there is a growing list of reasons why mastering providers is of equal financial importance. Healthcare organizations implement EMPIs to maintain up-to-date and accurate information about every patient.

Reference Data Management in a Sea of Codes

Many health practitioners seem to think that interoperability among health systems is the most important issue they face. And that’s almost true. Interoperability is key to keeping real-time operations flowing.


But achieving interoperability doesn’t eliminate a more serious problem: the fact that these systems describe the same situations in completely different ways.


The Importance of Mastering Provider Information

A lot of effort has been put forth in mastering the patient/member and rightfully so.  When effective, patient duplicates drop, the chances of administering the incorrect drugs decline, claims processing improves, the patient member experience enhances and so on.  Now the challenge becomes provider or physician mastering.  On the surface, that would seem to be a relatively easy task, but the devil is always in the details.