Leveraging your data? Don't miss the signs.

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The Digitization of Healthcare will transform the Industry in the Coming Decade

Getting your data house in order with an enterprise strategy and data platform is critical for what is to come in the next transformational decade. If you are ahead of the curve with the upcoming trends you can prepare for the future.

Let’s see what themes that have been driving our conversations over the past ten years:

The Future Requires an Organizational Commitment to One Healthcare Data Layer

Tolkien's novels about Middle-earth effortlessly weaved together themes from a number of early mythologies and tales with a cautionary nod to the encroachment of technology. At the heart of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings was the One Ring with its ability to bring together the power of the other magical rings of the time.

Healthcare Opportunities and Risks

At HIMSS, CMS and ONC announced proposed rules on data sharing, data blocking, and APIs. These extensive guidelines intend to encourage use of application programming interfaces via FHIR which will speed up how patients can access information via mobile devices. The hope is that patient-oriented apps will be developed, empowering individuals to control their healthcare data, ultimately making their choice of providers more portable.

CMS & the ONC fired a shot across the bow on unleashing data during HIMSS 2019

Looking to innovate?

During HIMSS, we heard several discussions around bringing together information from many sources, then leveraging that data’s potential. When you unleash that data, (for example, claims data) it helps create a deeper understanding of the patient’s record. CMS pointed out other data management issues such as pushing information back to source systems and the need to better master patient records though they didn't explicitly term them “data management issues”.

Omni-HealthData Ready to Support New ONC Interoperability Framework

This week at HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, the ONC and CMS proposed new rules looking to force the industry, in particular EHR vendors, to open their data through APIs. This will unleash a wave of innovation with patients having rights to their own data and promises to bring a burst of energy around new applications to leverage that data. This overdue move occurs after EHR vendors have collected $34 billion in taxpayer subsidies while continuing to put moat around patients’ data.

Join Healthcare Data Champions @HIMSS19 in Orlando!

I feel like it comes sooner every year. After the holiday season is over, the HIMSS conference is upon us (even earlier this year, kicking off on February 10th). HIMSS19 has an awesome theme this year – Champions of Health Unite, where a series of personas will showcase various roles that impact healthcare IT.

Thinking beyond the EHR

Last week, I went to see a presentation on the importance of an enterprise data foundation to drive analytical change in healthcare. It made me think about two articles I read recently:

AI, Data Warehousing, and How to Handle the Hype

Recently, I read some articles showcasing technology hype versus what organizations really need. While all sectors suffer from an overload of hype, healthcare’s complexity means it gets hit particularly hard.