Thu, 02/14/2019

This week at HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, the ONC and CMS proposed new rules looking to force the industry, in particular EHR vendors, to open their data through APIs. This will unleash a wave of innovation with patients having rights to their own data and promises to bring a burst of energy around new applications to leverage that data. This overdue move occurs after EHR vendors have collected $34 billion in taxpayer subsidies while continuing to put moat around patients’ data.

With the ONC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Interoperability of health care systems, the focus is clearer on the technology elements required to accomplish that. These technology elements include specific communication protocols, standard messaging contexts, common data models based on HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard and specifically identified code sets representing key concepts. The ONC’s 2019 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) spells out these in extensive detail.

Information Builders anticipated this shift, delivering Omni-HealthData with a pre-built healthcare model that adheres to the emerging FHIR standard subjects. In addition, it delivers out-of-the-box support for an extensive portion of the ISA specification today. This enables our customers to deliver and receive health care data in conformance with the interoperability standards, and importantly, to gain insights into the data through the extensive analytics and algorithm support provided.

During a speech, CMS Administrator Seema Verma interestingly raised an issue of putting the weight of CMS behind patient identification and patient matching, but didn’t push it any further. Omni-HealthData meets that challenge by centralizing multi-domain mastering which includes patient matching, and also provider, provider practice, workforce, payer, and facility domains. The new ONC rules will begin the process of freeing data, but organizations still need to invest in an enterprise healthcare data platform to manage all the steps in the healthcare data value chain.

That’s our view from HIMSS. If you missed us at Booth #4543, register for our post-HIMSS webinar, ICYMI: Hot topic at HIMSS 2019 where we will speak about this subject and more.