Tue, 07/02/2019

A recent article in Fortune Magazine brings to light the deficiencies of EHR systems andEHR their ability to share important medical information between systems and organizations. The piece highlights EHR usability as a main problem effecting healthcare as a whole. In some cases even patient safety was impacted.   

This has influenced the amount of ROI that healthcare executives have seen from their investment, amongst the other challenges that are inherent. To leverage data across the patient journey healthcare organizations have a number of challenges including master data management, harmonization of data, and metrics management. EHR vendors don’t really have the ability to overcome this hurdle, so it is left to their customers to get the best use from all their data assets.

Information Builders’ developed Omni-HealthData in order to allow stakeholders in healthcare organizations to leverage all of their data including financial, operational, and claims sources, increase ROI, and reduce the complexity found in their EHR system. We partnered with St. Luke’s University Health Network in order to create this product that generates a single version of truth across their organization to maximize the investment they made in data. Our platform provides a single place for data management and analytics to happen.

Some of the features are:

  • Data Integration simplified by subject-driven data onboarding
  • One-thousand pre-built rules for healthcare that give centralized multi-domain mastering and data quality
  • Harmonization of over 200 code sets and 10 million individual codes
  • 360-degree view of mastered subjects

So if you’re considering strengthening the return on your data investment, as well as improving care and reducing costs, I encourage you to reach out and join us in our healthcare community.