Wed, 06/19/2019

With the coming 5G and feeding of AI models, a significant rise in the use of medical and healthcare devices is just around the corner. This will dramatically increase the amount of data captured, and provide opportunities for advanced analysis and deeper insights. On the flip side, with huge data, there could be huge problems. 

Cloud-based data management just may be the key to keeping your data and analytics organized and Healthcare Data Management for the Cloudfruitful. There is analyst buzz out there that seems to indicate that the healthcare industry will be spending a huge amount of money on cloud technologies.   I have to believe that there is a good reason for that. 

Providers, payers, and physicians are constantly looking for a single version of the truth when it comes to their patients, members, and organization. There are advantages to this curated data layer residing in the cloud. Some facts that support this:

  • The cloud is scalable; when the need for resources is higher, the cloud can scale up, and when the need for resources is lower, the cloud can scale down. This works with an increasing amount of data as well.
  • Large cloud providers have AI and ML capabilities that healthcare organizations need for analyzing their patient and provider groups.
  • Data security in the cloud is better that what any one individual company can do for itself. But, healthcare organizations need to be aware that they need extra security for HIPAA compliance.
  • Cloud data management is reliable. Organizations can mitigate any disruptions or outages with stored data and redundant systems.
  • You can process your data in real-time in the cloud.
  • The cloud is cost-effective and flexible, adding increased capacity when needed.
  • The technology is easily upgradable – the providers invest in the latest technology and use it.

Healthcare organizations and their enterprise healthcare data management goals need an infrastructure that can support them. I believe that in preparation for the future, cloud data management is what they need. 

For more information on cloud based data management, check out our free webinar, “Cloud-Based Data Management: Solving Healthcare’s Provider Data Challenge”, on demand.