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Accountable care refers to the drive to improve patient outcomes and access, while reducing costs.

What healthcare organizations need is patient-centered accountable care. Where the right provider delivers the right care at the right time and the right price. Where health services are optimally synchronized, sick care becomes well care, and advanced clinical integration and care management strategies are enabled. In the meantime, regardless of the business model, healthcare firms must operate a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

Omni-HealthData extends the value of the data stored in EMR applications by combining it with related data from claims systems and other sources to deliver a holistic view of patients across all points of care – from physician, specialist, and hospital visits to computer- and phone-based care.  Providers are empowered with the insight they need to understand their patients’ needs, coordinate and monitor the provisioning of care across all points of service, and set up treatment regimens that ensure efficiency and positive outcomes.

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With Omni-HealthData, aggregated, harmonized data can be leveraged to support data-driven decision, making it easier to:

  • Obtain a reliable, comprehensive view of patients and their histories
  • Identify patients who have been diagnosed with certain chronic illnesses or conditions
  • Track treatments and procedures delivered to patients within a certain category, regardless of where those services were provided
  • Understand how treatments impact outcomes
  • Identify potential gaps in care plans
  • Ensure that care plans adhere to CMS guidelines and recommendations

Omni-HealthData Provider Edition

Omni-HealthData Provider Edition from Information Builders is a robust, unified information management environment that simplifies complex data integration, promotes data quality, and facilitates ongoing data governance to support the attainment of accountable care goals. Complete, timely, and trusted information is readily available to all those who make critical decisions about patient care.

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