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The Health Collaborative Developing FHIR-Enabled Enterprise Data Warehouse

by David Raths, Healthcare Innovation
"With Information Builders moving into that FHIR world, we want to be a data platform and not have to build every app you can imagine. We want to open our platform up to developers and partners and hospital systems so to have standard APIs and not have to customize every instance of data sharing was a world of difference…"

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Big Rocks

Building a Healthcare Data Strategy With Big Rocks

by Shawn Sutherland, Director, Healthcare Data Innovation and Patient/Member Outcomes
Information Builders
"The long-awaited 21st Century Cures Act became a Final Rule just before the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in the U.S. Primarily addressing information interoperability, the rule was expected to be announced at the HIMSS conference in early March, where more than 45,000 attendees from around the world – including me! We were looking forward to gathering and discussing the power of life-changing innovation in healthcare – including the impact of the passage of this very rule…"

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The Omni-HealthData Difference

Our mission is to empower healthcare organizations with the clinical and operational insights necessary to accelerate the achievement of patient-centered care. 

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Affiliation St Luke's University Health Network

Success Stories

Our Strategic Partnership with St. Luke’s University Health Network

St. Luke’s University Health Network

The Challenge

St. Luke's University Health Network is a non-profit, regional, fully integrated, and nationally recognized network providing services at seven hospitals and more than 300 outpatient sites.

The organization maintained a variety of diverse data sources, which made it difficult to obtain a single, consolidated view of critical information in support of clinical, financial, and operational analysis.

They aimed to create an enterprise health data warehouse with a single view of key business entities to support analytical applications that allow stakeholders to gain insights across all mastered data domains and covering the full continuum of patient care. 

Our Solution

Rather than getting mired in lengthy data integration and master data management (MDM) processes without any short-term benefits, stakeholders decided to focus on time-to-value by letting business priorities drive program deliverables. 

St. Luke's partnered with Omni-HealthData to implement a comprehensive data integration plan designed to optimize the accuracy, reliability, and security of enterprise information. Omni-HealthData's out-of-the-box data model provided a ready-to-go launch pad for the project, and its built-in features supported their rapid implementation timeline.

By working on analytics in parallel with the data integration, St. Luke's and OmniHealth-Data were able to launch an initial set of quality dashboards in just four months.

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